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Covid-19 Store Support

Covid-19’s impact on brick and mortar retail stores has been unprecedented. To lend a helping hand to stores that carry our products, we have implemented a new Affiliate Program Option. Our Affiliate Program will allow your customers to purchase Club13 products directly through us, while you continue to profit.

The Affiliate Program is simple. Once your store has signed up, you will be granted access to your own dashboard with Affiliate links and banners that you can utilize on your own social channels (i.e. Email, Facebook, Instagram). We will also provide you with a unique coupon code that you can use on our website. These links and codes help Club13 track incoming purchases from your customers so we can accurately disburse 50% of these sales’ profits to you. Disbursements will occur twice monthly.

Additionally, any customer who purchases our products using your unique coupon code will be given a Kratom Sampler Pack which contains a variety of our Kratom Grab & Go Sample’s.

Club13 Customers

How you can help your local store.

Club13 hopes to extend our Affiliate Program to all stores affected by Covid-19. If you’re an interested customer, call your local store and ask if they already have an Affiliate code. If your local store doesn’t have a code, please direct them to or ask them to call us at 877.922.5783.


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6/5/20 OPEN. All orders ship same day up to 3:05 Monday -Friday. Saturday (USPS only) till 1:00pm. Click here for additional information regarding Club13.

All orders ship same day up to 3:05 Monday -Friday. Saturday (USPS only) till 1:00pm.

I’m stressed out. You’re stressed out.  We are alive, we are fighting, I always hoped I’d live in interesting times.  When this is over, I hope you feel the same.  Until then be nice to each other & stay on God’s good humor. We will be here.

Brian Del Rey – President of Club13


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