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Advocating for Kratom: How to Get Involved

The Kratom community is large and diverse. Parents, students, lawyers, doctors, athletes and other hard working American people are using (and loving!) Kratom. Advocates for Kratom are in your neighborhood, at your school, and in your town hall working towards a safe and practical future for all Kratom users. 

As it stands, Kratom is legal in most areas of the US. Since failing to get Kratom scheduled, the FDA has been scheming to put limitations on the consumption of this traditional plant. Despite there being no conclusive evidence that a ban would be effective, some states, inspired by the FDA’s failed attempts, are still considering outlawing Kratom

Advocates for Kratom know that regulation, not a ban, would help purify, protect, and ensure that the Kratom being consumed by Americans is in it’s natural and true form. While a ban is completely over reactive, some regulation would benefit the Kratom community. Without reasonable regulation, the community can fall victim to slippery slopes, such as buying adulterated Kratom from unreliable sources. 


If you are a Kratom lover who wants to help this plant continue to help others, these are some of the best ways that you can get involved:

  1. Find out if Kratom is Legal in your local community — Kratom is legal in most areas of the USA. Still, bills regularly pop up in many communities and states around the country attempting to criminalize Kratom sale, possession, and use. Ask around at your local Kratom shop or search online about any bills or petitions in your area regarding Kratom. After doing some research you can then take action by getting your friends involved and by going to town hall meetings. 
  2. Connect Online — For many Kratom users, there may not be a local shop where you can congregate, especially in communities in which Kratom is not readily available due to laws. So if you want to meet other local Kratom lovers and find out how to take action, join an online community. Or start your own! From community-based sites like Reddit or Facebook to other popular private Kratom forums, there are a wide variety of sites and pages where you can find your own Kratom community. These groups are amazing resources for information about Kratom legalization, regulation, and how to get involved. 
  3. Support Good Practice Suppliers — You should only buy your Kratom products from reliable companies engaged in the market’s leading business practices. Whether it’s their sources, production,or product management, it is important to support a vendor you can trust and a vendor who follows the rules. Untrustworthy Kratom sellers are largely responsible for the negative publicity surrounding Kratom. These sellers will take shortcuts that could lead to impurities mixed in with natural Kratom. These sellers combine their impure product with unproven medical claims, which creates safety hazards. If you want to advocate for Kratom, make sure you advocate for Kratom, and not a perversion of Kratom.
  4. Spread the word — Finally, the most important (and easiest) thing you can do as a Kratom advocate is to spread the word. Buying anything from your local or online vendor not only supports their presence in the community, it also provides you, a hopeful new Kratom advocate, the ideal conversation starter. Something as simple as a Club13 tee-shirt can help normalize Kratom in your local communities. 


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