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Cooking with CBD

Navigating the landscape of 2020 looks wildly different than it did in 2019. Integrating hobbies and self-care into your day to day has never been more critical than it is now. With our passion for wellness products like CBD Tinctures and Oils, we at Club13 hope to help you feel better and more grounded, one dropper at a time. 

CBD tinctures and gummies have taken off into the mainstream the past few years. It was no surprise when restaurants and bars began taking it to the next level by incorporating it into food and drinks. Having said this, cooking with cannabis does not take a professional chef. Everyone is experimenting with Cannabidiol. You can easily switch up your CBD habit to be as delicious as it is functional. 

CBD Tinctures

Websites and local head shops tout a vast array of Tinctures and Oils. But what exactly separates one from the other? If you’re considering cooking with CBD, it’s essential to understand their distinctions. 

While both products are, in fact, it’s derived from the hemp plant, CBD is suspended under at least 60% distilled alcohol. By diluting the it with alcohol,  Tinctures have a longer shelf-life as compared to oil. This dilution also allows for a vast array of tincture flavors like peppermint, vanilla, lavender, and even basil. 

Because of the distillation of the Tincture and the lack of protective fatty oils, it’s best if kept away from high, boiling heats. Having said this, Tinctures are tailor-made for smoothies, teas, and cocktails. Tinctures integrate seamlessly just like any other alcohol, so you get every last drop. The myriad of tincture flavors is also ready-made to enhance a cocktail with a lavender dash or sweeten a hot tea with a splash of vanilla. These edgy drinks are perfect for any occasion. 


CBD oil is created by an extraction process that pulls out the oil from the hemp plant. Out of all the CBD forms, CBD oil is the most potent. In general, oil works as a carrier agent, which allows the body to more easily absorb the CBD. Most CBD Oils are actually combined with a carrier oil to intensify this activation and enhance the flavor. These carrier oils range from coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable, and canola oils, to MCT oil and Hemp seed oils. CBD is fat-soluble. This means it’s recommended that if you’re cooking with pure CBD Oil, you pair it with one of the carrier oils mentioned above to make it most useful. 

So, if you’re to hit the kitchen with our Wellness products, the most effective route is by incorporating your choice of CBD Oil. 

If you’re just starting with CBD, it might be wise to start with something you’re already familiar with. Cooking with CBD can be as simple as using CBD-infused oil to top off a salad. You can also use oil in sauces, like pesto, or drizzle it over a steak. 

You might be similar to myself from a culinary standpoint and find extracts with bold flavors more exciting. The taste of cannabinoids is distinct and unique. It can enhance similarly bold flavors like hops, basil, mint, matcha, and my favorite, chocolate! 

Stay Safe and Keep Reading

The options for incorporating CBD into your foods and beverages are endless. While we hope you have fun finding creative recipes and flavors, we at Club13 recommend starting with low-low doses. While CBD does not get you high and is a beneficial botanical, you should still be wary of your intake and what you are consuming it with. If you’re mixing it into a beverage, it’s recommended that you ingest no more than 10-15 mg. If you’re enhancing your foods with CBD, it’s recommended that you start with 20-25 mg. 

That being said, keep your ears to the ground as product knowledge is ever-changing. Ere on the side of caution. With anything new, there’s a learning curve. 

As you probably know, the most efficient and discreet way to absorb CBD tincture is by simply squeezing a dropperful under your tongue. But it’s important to understand that the options for CBD are endless and can be creative. For those looking for a more creative locomotive for their CBD antics, you might want to start turning your dropper towards your food and drinks.

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