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New Club13 Kratom CBD Fusion

Melding the best of Brands.

CBD and Kratom has seen a surge in popularity over the last several years. Everyone from CEOs to soccer moms, cattle farmers to surfers are talking about the positive and natural effects these compounds offer. CBD’s mood-boosting and calming effects has nurtured an active and growing user base. Meanwhile, Kratom’s popularity is fostering its own grassroot movement.

Needless to say, the CBD and Kratom craze is here to stay.

That’s why Club13 is excited to introduce a brand new unique product-fusion with our Pursuit of Wellness CBD brand, Club13 Kratom+CBD!

A fantastic blend of our finest Green Malay Kratom and 2.5mg of pure, hemp-derived CBD isolate. Each Club13 Kratom+CBD capsule contains 950mg of our fantastic kratom/CBD blend.


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