Shaka Kava

For over 3,000 years Kava has been enjoyed in the pacific islands of Fiji, Tonga, and Hawaii as a native folk medicine for anxiety, pain and mood enhancement. Traditionally pounded into a pulp, hand mixed with water for 10 minutes to an hour, and enjoyed with a group of friends, today Kava can be found in popular coffee shops and hangout spots around the islands.

While the process of making kava from root doesn’t fit into today’s busy lifestyle, Shaka Kava provides a potent and instant solution. Kava is traditionally divided into two categories: Noble and Tudei. Noble kava is the superior strain and contains the perfect mixture of components for a relaxing and uplifting experience. Tudei (or Two-Day) kava is named after the “hangover effect” one experiences after drinking. We meticulously vet all of our Kava and make sure only Noble roots are used. Club13 Shaka Kava is made with lab tested kavalactone extract derived from only noble kava and comes in Tropical and Citrus flavors. You only need to add water, hot or cold, and enjoy.

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