Club13 Herbals

The finest Kratom powders and capsules.

Founded in 1999, at Club13 we strive to source the highest quality all-natural kratom and botanicals.  All of our products are independently tested for mold, fungus, and heavy metals. This allows us to make the purest and safest natural botanicals and extracts available on the market. Club13 kratom powders and capsules contain the finest blends available on the market.  Each XL “000” cap contains 900mg of pure kratom and our pure powders come in a variety of sizes. Additionally, Club13 Kratom comes in fifteen unique varieties that you can choose from. Our Extra Strength line boasts pure kratom extract and provides quality that can only be found at Club13.


Since 1999 Club13 has continued to offer the industry’s best satisfaction guarantee and that tradition continues today. Every product Club13 sells comes with a satisfaction money back guarantee.

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