1 dollar is equal to 1 point

Every 100 points accumulated saves you $5 off your purchase. Simply create an account at Club13.com and shop to accumulate points. Each $1 spent on club13.com is equal to 1 point. Your points may be applied during the checkout process of your purchase on Club13.com. Minimum to redeem your reward is 100 points.


*Enlarged image of a proof of purchase seal found on Club13 products.

Collect 10 proof of purchase seals located on the back of Club13 Kratom products to exchange for 1 free Club13 product of equal or lesser value.

You can return your proof of purchase seals to a participating store near you to redeem for your free product. If your local store is not participating in the current promotion, you may return the proof of purchase seals directly to us at:

Attn: 10 G1
8165 State Road 207
Hastings, FL 32145

Please include your mailing address, e-mail address, and which item (of equal or lesser value) you would like in return.

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