Founded in 1999, Club13 Enterprises is based on the goal of assisting our customers in their individual pursuit of happiness. For that very reason, we strive to source the highest quality all-natural ingredients available and then isolate the active constituents through state of the art, proprietary extraction methods. Our Kratom is independently tested for Mitragynine content to assure our high standards are met.

We also independently test for mold, yeast, fungus, and biological pathogens. Bio results are always available upon request. This allows us to make the purest and safest botanical extracts available on the market. Club13 kratom powders come in a resealable bag to ensure the perfect environment for your botanicals.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Since 1999 Club13 has continued to offer the industry’s best satisfaction guarantee and that tradition continues today. Every product Club13 sells comes with a satisfaction or your money back guarantee.


If you are unsatisfied for any reason, return your product to either the store you purchased from or, if you purchased from the web store, send it directly back to us for a full refund.


Free shipping orders are sent via USPS.  All other shipping options are sent via UPS.

All orders will ship same day up to 3:05 PM EST Monday through Friday.  Saturday & Sunday orders will ship the following Monday.



Credit Cards


Due to FDA regulations and restrictions, we are unable to provide any advice on the consumption or “dosing” of Kratom.

This is another tricky question. Everyone is different, there is no best Kratom for any one person. However, we can guarantee that all Club13 Kratom is of excellent quality so grab a few of our Kratom single serve packs and give them each a try!

At the moment, we accept electronic checks, cash on delivery, and Bitcoin. eChecks and Bitcoin will allow you to complete your payment directly through our website. Cash on delivery is a bit different; when your order is delivered, you will be asked for payment in the form of cash at the time of delivery.

If you receive free shipping, your order will be sent via USPS. All other orders are sent via UPS. If an order is received before 3:05 PM EST it will go out the same day, after then it will go out the next business day. If a next day shipping order is placed on Friday, you will receive it on the following business day. (Monday)

Take them to the store you bought the products from, if they’re participating in the current promotions. If not you can send them directly to us at our current address. More information on this topic can be found here.