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Kratom Around the World: Bali 

Today at Club13, we’d like to take our readers on a journey to one small Indonesian island whose namesake is popularly used as a Kratom product name, Bali. While Kratom is no longer produced in mass on this little tropical island, it is still found to grow there. This small island shares a rich history with our favorite plant, one in which will forever be immortalized on Kratom labels and retail shops everywhere. 

Bali Tourism 

Did you know that Indonesia consists of over 17,500 islands that make up its archipelago? The island of Bali happens to be one of these islands and is Indonesia’s most prominent tourist destination. The little island is renowned for its arts, including traditional and modern dance, sculpture, painting, leather metalworking, and music.

Bali has some serious natural wonders to explore, as well. The island is part of the Coral Triangle, an area with some of the highest biodiversity of marine species. The Coral Triangle is made up of over 500 reef-building coral species alone. 

Let’s not forget the palaces! Bali is home to a unified federation of kingdoms composed of 10 traditional Balinese houses. At one time, each house ruled a specific geographic area. Today, this kingdom is not recognized by the current Indonesian government, and most palaces were partially destroyed during the Dutch colonization in the 1600s. But visitors can still go and see what was once a unique and vibrant kingdom. 

Tourism makes up 80% of its economy today, but that wasn’t always the case. Prior to the 1980s, tourism wasn’t booming in Bali as it is today, and locals subsisted on small farms just like the rest of Indonesia. 

Bali Kratom Today

Bali Kratom strains typically come in white, green or red. Red is currently the most popular strain variation. Club13’s Bali Red Kratom is favored for its relieving qualities and mild, pleasant energy boosting components. 

Today, Kratom isn’t produced for export on the island of Bali. The small tourist island holds claim to this strains namesake, but not the current production of this famous strain. The “Bali” strain is still grown in Indonesia and Thailand, and the effects of the Kratom will always reflect the magical, relaxing, and revitalizing island.


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