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Kratom Research Funding Approved!

Hello, Kratom lovers! Club13 is happy to report some positive news from Congress concerning our favorite plant. Appropriations Bill FY2020 was approved this December, which means, at long last, Congress has recognized the need to research Kratom. Congress has directed the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to head the scientific study of Kratom

For many years, Kratom consumers have feared the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will force the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to instill a total ban on Kratom. Due to misinformation and misconceptions about Kratom and how it is used, some people are under the impression that this organic plant is a dangerous intoxicant. 

This is false, of course. Some institutions, like the American Kratom Association (AKA), have taken it upon themselves to clear up this misinformation. Through AKA’s website, outreach, and other research studies, they are continually working to clarify what Kratom is. AKA mainly focuses on sponsoring scientific studies concerning Kratom and the impact these findings have on the industry. 

Despite AKA’s best efforts to educate the public, there is no better co-sign than a co-sign from “the powers that be,” i.e., Congress. Congress recognizing the need for government-funded research is a massive step towards Kratom’s eventual legitimacy by the FDA. 

Here at Club13 we believe in the importance of accurate and factual information. When society develops a curiosity for a specific product, especially one that is consumed, like Kratom, it becomes our responsibility to nourish that curiosity safely.  Those interested in Kratom must have true and factual information to digest before they decide whether or not Kratom is the right choice for them.

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