Horn Kratom Powder


Club13’s Horn Kratom is a premium blend of our finest horned red kratom and horned green Kratom. Grab our Horn Kratom powder and see for yourself why people can’t get enough of Club13’s premium Kratom.

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Interested in trying something new? Look no further than Club13’s premium Horn Kratom Powder. At Club13, we guarantee quality. We pack all of our Kratom into sturdy, resealable bags, tested for freshness.

Club13 Horn Kratom Powder is our premium blend of our finest horned red Kratom and horned green Kratom strains. Essentially, these “Horn” Kratom strains are distinguishable in appearance because of their spiked leaves. The “Horns” that adorn the Kratom leaves’ edges contain higher concentrations of the two alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (sometimes referred to as 7-OH). These alkaloids give all Kratom strains its effects—this blended strain of Kratom shares both red strain and green strain Kratom, at a higher potency. 

Club13 Horn Kratom Powder is perfect for the experienced Kratom aficionado. This exotic blend of Kratom strains is potent and guaranteed to energize you throughout your day. 

See for yourself why people can’t get enough of Club13’s premium Kratom. Not ready to commit to our larger portions of Kratom? Try a couple of our grab-n-go Horn Kratom sample packs to test it out! 

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    I find this company is heads upon the rest! I’ve tried every imaginable reputable producer and Club 13 rocks. I suffer with chronic fatigue, depression and an auto immune disease including chronic pain. Leaving the prescribed opoids behind I have found that Horn and other combination.s provided by this company truly suit my needs. Thank you Club 13!

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